Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is Springing

Today we had the kids here.
It was a beautiful sunny spring day and to keep their little bodies busy, we went outside.
They ran in the back field as fast as they could and went out to the chicken coop and counted the chickens and Tegan had fun on the swing. We watched two hawks fly over us back and forth in their mating ritual, it was fun to see their wings spread wide and watch them glide in the current of the wind.
We had a lady bug hunt. The grass in the back yard is perfect for them to be hatching.
We could not find a one! Maybe it is a bit too early for them. We walked over to the secret garden on the side of the house and as I passed by a bucket of recently collected rain I saw ONE!
It had landed in the water and was swimming about to try to get out. I quickly called Ethan and he rescued it. We looked further around the area for more of the sweet little red ladies, but there were none to be seen. I wonder where she came from?

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Modern Crush said...

You need to write for Victoria magazine... seriously!!