Monday, February 23, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the New

I have to say that this month has been grueling as I have pulled EVERYTHING out of my "sewing room" to paint, carpet and clean.
I have accumulated so many articles { that I believe I need to be the creative artist that I think I am in my mind}.
I shudder as I look at all the items that I pulled out of the room, and have to go through to re- stock and cut down the "JUNK".
There is going to be a huge garage sale soon!
I want a simple artist palate that is beautiful and efficient. Where I can invite my friends and family in to look at my current project, not quickly close the door as the doorbell rings.
I was frantic that my daughter might call one of those T.V. shows that come out and surprise you to help you organize and get rid of !!!
Now the precious "STUFF" is out on the deck, as the carpet is being laid. The walls are a freshly painted pale turquoise with a brown sugar trim, ready for a fresh start!
I must down size and choose only the most precious items to go back into my newly proclaimed "STUDIO".
Please pray as I do this , letting go seems hard to do.
I tell myself that I will never use half the items I have collected, I like that I can help out my daughters when they need fabric for their latest projects, but I know that if I really need something it is there at the store.
Now, I have to design the lay out of the room.
I am very excited about our project and I thank Steve, my husband for fulfilling this task as the main man!
Pictures to follow!!!


Modern Crush said...

Oooh oooh!!! I want to see! And I want to come to the garage sale! And I am dying to see pictures! It sounds like such a wonderful space!

Linda said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine. I don't see any of your art projects on here tho. Where are they?