Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Whole lot of Love

I recently went to a wedding of a life long friend of my son's.

I knew that there was a good chance that there could be music celebs there because this little lass, who was the bride is quite a musician.

I put my specks on and kept my ears open to hear that John Paul Jones, base player of Led Zepplin was indeed present, and wow, oh wow, I couldn't believe that approximately 38 years ago I stood at the front of the stage where they were preforming!!!

I loved Led Zepplin! In fact their first album I bought and played on my new super Realistic stereo. Good Times Bad Times.

Then a week later, watching the closing of the Olympics, there was Jimmy Paige playing his guitar!
They both matched, 38 years later! I had to laugh!

Here he was at this wedding, a friend of the musicians, but amongst the guests with his wife, and they were relatively incognito , not really knowing anyone, and so for a while they sat by themselves eating. What a perfect chance was passed up by staying seated with the people we were sitting with. I think that we could have offered to join them and it would have been just fine.
I let my stage struck fan let the chance go by. Also my friends didn't seem to keen on it.
I guess 5 of us coming over to their table would have seemed too much of a plot.

Oh, yes, and Fiona Apple was there too. Afterwards we were treated to the musicians jamming for quite a long time!

What a fine time we had!


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I was sad to miss the occasion.