Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Having just returned from my second viewing of the movie Mamma Mia!, I feel led to share some of the emotions this musical and beautifully set movie left with me.

The glorious blue of the ocean enticed me to want to search out this island and feel the deep heat of the sun beating down,tanning my skin, and leaving that sun kissed look to those so lucky to be enjoying the beauty of this relaxing climate. To be able to climb those stairs and call home to the whitewashed buildings with the weathered blue-greened shutters that you might close for an afternoon nap before reemerging upon the patio for a dinner under the stars with your loved one.

The colors and floral patterns of the tablecloths displayed hanging on the clotheslines fresh and waiting to don one of the tables for a late evening meal with many gathered, enjoying the holiday together for this brief moment.Aaah...

I was never a fan of ABBA, oh, of course I would catch a phrase here and there as their music played on the radio or on the overhead speaker of a shopping mall, but I have to confess that I never really caught the full emotion and meaning of the lyrics written to the music until they were connected to this play and movie.

I have to say, there were times that tears were drawn in my eyes thinking and feeling the connection with the characters and the lyrics.

Dancing Queen and especially The Winner Takes it All, and of course Slipping Through My Fingers, a song about a daughter growing up all too quickly....
The exciting beat and frenzy of the dance in Voulez-Vous....

It was a playful ,tenderhearted, lighthearted movie, and it made me want to "Grow back down"
to 17 and become that "Dancing Queen" once again! I loved the way the music of "Dancing Queen" drew ALL the women from their daily chores,whatever they might be, to follow their hearts and the fun of following and joining in the dance of living for that moment!
To enjoy themselves and throw caution to the wind for that one moment that was drawing them back to the age of 17 once again.

It makes me want to venture out and dance in the backyard with the music blaring...Voulez-Vous?


Pamela said...

I saw this movie with my Aunt Barbara and some of my cousins for a "girls night out." It ended up being more fun to watch than I thought it would be.
The location was gorgeous!!! I want to go to Greece someday for sure. I thought of you while watching it and wondered if you would like it. I'm glad that you did! :)

Vista Gal said...

Yes I did, and you can call me Mamma Mia!

Anonymous said...

Mamma Mia Poppa Pia!
Cool, I didn't realize it was such a good flick. I'll definitley check it out some day.

At Home On Main Street said...

I felt the same way! Like so jealous that I can't live there but at the same time realizing I'd probably get island fever after 2 months!!