Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thoughts On Croatia While Traveling Down The Road

I wish I had a box of Crayola Crayons, so that I could capture the true colors of the sun reflecting upon the water; the light hitting the white buildings with the orange tiled roofs.

Each bend in the road reveals tiny hamlets of town and beach. Part turquoise against the Adriatic blue. The water invites you to dive in and float along the shoreline letting the current bob you along.

In the old port of Dubrovnik last night,I watched the boats moored there rise and fall in syncronization to the push and pull of the tide.

The sun has decided to brighten the view and our spirits after two days of bleakness.
It makes the blue of the sea vivid .
In Croatia, a soft blue has been added to the palate of dusty colors of the homes. This color is absent in Italy. Perhaps the blue has been added to pay homage to the beautiful shades of the sea which clings to the coast and inspires the fishermen who earn their living from it.

Last night as we sat at our table on the patio for dinner by the edge of the port, I thought of perhaps another night, one with a warmer,balmier breeze. A more romantic night in this foreign place. A place where so many were speaking so many different languages, enjoying the same evening.
The full moon broke through the clouds and sprinkled it's romantic beams, showing it's lovely face for those who were looking. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, that same "Bella Luna", who showed herself to us one night in the Piazza San Marco, retreated behind the fast moving clouds of the gathering storm, leaving only it's "moon glow" ribbon of light along the bottom of the clouds.
The Old Port and full moon beckon us to return and enjoy what it offers. Perhaps we will some other time.

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