Monday, December 31, 2007

Continuing Travels in Croatia

Rain and thunder,and with opened umbrellas we stepped out into the early hours of "traveling day".
As we made our way to the bus stop and looking forward to the 5 hour bus tour back up the coast, we hoped that we had given ourselves enough time to arrive before boarding.
We arrived in Split and found our way across from the bus station to the Ferry line, Jarolina, to secure two tickets passage for the 2 hour ferry ride to the island of Vis.

When the ferry arrived we gathered around in the crowd of Croatians reading themselves to board with their purchases from the mainland. There were pieces of furniture to floral arrangements.
When the signal was given, after,of course, the passengers who were as eager to disembark to Terra fir ma, we all clambered aboard for the 2 hour ferry to the island of Vis.
Upon arriving, we boarded a bus for the 20 minute ride to Komiza on the other side of the island.

Our friends here in our town, have relatives who live 6 months in Komiza and 6 months in our town here in the U.S.! They put us in contact with them and they helped us to settle in an apartment with a beautiful partial view of the bay port.
We walked the waterfront and quickly acclimated to the town and dropped our bags at the apartment, and joined Tonko and Desanka for Pizza dinner at one of the outdoor restaurants along the beautiful waterfront,boats bobbing in the tide.
We were invited to meet them at "Speed Cafe" in the morning just a few feet from their front door for a Cappuccino. We eagerly accepted, and the next morning sat among the villagers and took in all the beauty of the surrounding area and people going about their business.

We made our way up the hill to the church overlooking the bay for a beautiful view and found a tour guide who was glad to set up a tour of the island for the next day.

Off to the beach for a swim to discover it was top-optional for the women, German OLDER women had no problem with this! I did not participate as I did not want to distract the men, being one of the "smaller,younger"women!!
No worries, you couldn't tell the men from the women when they were laying down... Scary!
Swam in the azure blue water which was described as "silk" and floated along with the current, up and down ,a gentle rocking,wonderful!!

After, we walked up the embankment for another beautiful view of the village.
My friend's father was born here in Komiza, and she has a painting of this beautiful village from this vantage point. I often looked at this magnificent painting in wonder, gazing at the red tilled roofs and the church and clock tower as sentinels protecting this ancient village! Now I was viewing it with my own eyes. How wonderful to have a dream come true! But the best part of the day came at sunset as we were privileged to a most magnificent one! It went on forever and each minute the hues became more jeweled! What a day!!


Erika said...

So beautiful!

-pap said...

What great pictures and your narrative is so well written! You are the Queen of travel!!

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Amazing snaps