Friday, October 26, 2007

Smoke Ashes and Hope

For the past week we have been glued to the television set watching as San Diego was evacuated around us.
We invited several people to come to our home and wait out the evacuation as flames licked, crept and sometimes rolled toward their targets. At one point it seemed like we would be next as the smoke seemed so thick.

Luckily our guests were very blessed in that their homes were spared and they were allowed to return to them.

Others not so fortunate are now returning to see the state of their properties and to clean up the mess that the smoke ashes and wind delivered.

The fires are not all completely contained and some are still on the rampage, but at this moment the birds are singing and we have clear air to breathe.

Our Missionaries to Mexico owned a mobile home in the mobile park in Fallbrook in which 200 out of 250 homes were burned. He thought that they had lost their home but today he was allowed to go in and see. His was spared. We breathe a sigh of relief as we see this as a blessing for them. We will have to see what is next for them as there is complete rubble around their home.
Two other friends were not so lucky. They found that the fire has ravaged their property.
One couple was returning to San Diego as they were evacuating the area they lived in , and was never allowed to go and gather belongings.

This is the story of all who are living through this calamity. One home saved another gone.

I thank the quick work of the Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement and National Guard for their commitment to us in time of need and danger.

God bless those who have lost their homes.


Erika said...

I am so glad to hear their home is still standing! It is just so devastating. I can't believe it.

Vista Gal said...

Yes,most of the Fallbrookian left during the fire but there were some who stayed behind. We were one of those that decided to stay home, We have been through so many fires every year in the De Luz area and have come to learn how some of the fires spread. "Wind-Wind-Wind" is your most concern!! After two days we had "NO Winds"coming our way!! It did help to have the De Luz Volunteer Fire Department just a couple of miles down the road. We called and talked with them about three times a day and they informed us on how things were going with the fire. We were all packed and ready to leave if needed. Each day we would check out the way the smoke was traveling and went to Major Market which was open during the fires to purchase groceries and lunch. The town on the whole was like a ghost town, It was strange to see very little traffic or people walking on the streets of our small town. There are two friends that I know that lost their homes. Please pray for them.
posted by: Barbara