Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego's Burning!!!

Yesterday morning I was woken to a call at 6:00 telling me that some friends of ours were being evacuated.
From that point on we have been glued to the television watching the movement of the fires in the area.
The Fallbrook fire is spreading as I speak and they have evacuated Rim Rock above Lawerence Welk's where a friend of mine is evacuating to my home.

We are smoky here and the wind has picked up.

Yesterday I had 3 evacuees from San Marcos here but thankfully they were able to return home.

Steve is down in Bonita near the Chula Vista fire spreading near his father's home to evacuate him. It is actually smokier here that down there. It has caused us to think our plan and gather things to move to Carlsbad.

The mobile home park off of Mi9ssion has been hit as well as Pala Mesa Resort. Several friends
homes are in that area. The Daivs' home is in there as well as my Quilting teacher's home. All of Fallbrook has been evacuated.

What do you take?

Please pray for us all. Love to you all.


Pamela said...

I've been watching the news and praying for you guys. I can't believe how much is on fire...

Vista Gal said...

It is incredible.
The fires seem to sprout up in different areas. Now there is a fire near Julian and Arrowhead and tomorrow night the wind direction might change and they are afraid that the fire might burn back in the opposite direction!
One good thing is that they are having mandatory evacuations to make sure everyone is out in plenty of time.
So far everything is fine for Bob in Bonita, and he opted to stay home.

sonflower said...

We were some of the Fallbrook evacuees! When we pulled out Monday night to try & make our way to Susan & David's daughter & Son-inlaw's home in Menifee...2 cats, Gunner Girl the Basset Hound & 3 adults...it was so scary to see the flames only about one field away from our village! But Praise God He spared the whole village & we were able to return Thursday night, safe & sound!!!