Monday, April 16, 2007


I am drawn to the patio with the gentle cool breeze caressing my arms and face,I look out over the little area we have created,our garden.

The grass is neatly mowed from the previous week's Easter gathering. The roses are in glorious bloom on the arbor,they scatter their fragrant petals waiting for someone to tread upon them and enjoy their delightful scent.

The view is most pleasing!

The baby birds chime in unison as their parents perch next to their temporary home nestled in the corner of the pergola on the deck.

This morning I intentionally opened the deck door to hear the song of one of the many birds perched in the tree in the side yard,Steve has named the Secret garden~

Blue Birds are nesting in the nest box on the old Eucaliptus tree at the far end of the yard. They have come to stay, as we first spotted them in the summer of 2000. Now we delight in watching them sit on the fence and venture to the bird bath for a drink or to bathe.

Today we are blessed by the presence of Grossbeak, a most colorful and comical bird, orange and black , with an unusual triangle shaped beak.
Come and stay and make our garden your home! I am delighted to spot new birds in the garden and long for them to want to return. Tell your friends to come and rear their families here also!

The Hummingbird has not yet spied the new location of their feeder, but soon enough they will darting back and forth to drink their sweet nectar. I have receintly planted a bush to attract them and provide natural nourishment. They don't seem to mind our company on the patio, and we love to watch them guard their territory.

The Mocking Bird perches aloft the rose arbor before entering her thorny nest that guards her babes.

The garden is alive!

I know that when I hear the song of the birds that this is a happy place to be!

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