Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am drawn to the patio with the gentle breeze caressing my arms and face.
I look out over the little English Garden we have created with delight as the flowers are in Spring bloom.
The grass is neatly trimmed from the previous week's Easter gathering . The roses on the arbor are gently sprinkling their petals across the walk and inviting one to tread upon them to release their fragrance one last time. The view is most pleasing to me.
New baby birds chime in unison as their parents light next to the nest that is nestled in the corner of the peragolia on the deck,waiting to be fed.
This morning I opened the deck doors to listen to the melody of one of the many birds that visit our side yard that Steve has named the"Secret Garden".
Blue Birds are nesting in the box at the far end of the yard in the Eucalyptus tree. They have chosen to stay. We first spotted them the summer of 2000, and now we spot them occasionally at the birdbath taking a drink or splashing having a bath.
Today I am most excited as we have spotted the presence of Grossbeak, a comical ,colorful bird of orange, black and white with an unusual triangular shaped beak.
Stay for a while and tell your friends to come and rear their families here. I am delighted to see newcomers in the garden, I long for them to call this home too.
I spotted the Hummingbird at the new feeder location . We enjoy their darting about and the chatter they make and watching them challenge each other to protect their territory . They don't seem to mind our presence amongst them , and I love to see their ruby red throats against their irradisent green bodies highlighted by the sun hitting them just right . I planted a new bush that attracts the hummingbird to the garden.
The Mocking bird perches aloft the rose arbor pausing briefly before disappearing into her thorny nest to check on her young ones.
The garden is alive!
I know that when the song of birds fill the garden I am in a most happy place !

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Erika said...

Your backyard is so nice. I love all the birds you manage to attract as well. It is a very pretty place to be.