Friday, April 26, 2013

The Blue Bird Room Is Now Open

Having lived at Beverly Cottage for 35 years things start to become taken for granted.
There has been a renovation of decor over the past two years as we incorporate family pieces of yester year into the living spaces of the cottage.
We are having a Wedding this September and at the end of the month the mother of the bride and the bride are visiting for the weekend~ With their upcoming visit, I want all to be wonderfully comfortable and charming for them.
The outer ~ guest room~ The Blue Bird Room, has been vacant for some time and for the past year had become a store room for those items you just don't know what to do with and have to sift through.
Because of our upcoming guests, I was ready to re-invent the new space.
Last year I purchased some lovely bird studded wrought iron twin beds. I have been so excited to set these in the room. Finally clearing out the clutter, they have been placed and the room has been decorated to suit its theme~
I was thrilled that the room actually was put together in an afternoon! Everything just fell into place as if it had been waiting to be set.
I like that~

What do you think?

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roger22 said...

I love it! Sandy