Saturday, July 07, 2012

Spice It Up !

Hi All~
Yesterday I was inspired as I read French Essence's blog where she had decided to order some new tableware from anthropologie, to make a summer splash while entertaining.
I so love to look at dishes, and was eager to see what she had chosen, as in my secret dreams, I thought of the possibility of having the same dishes that would be presented on her elegant table in France~
As I looked at these beautifully painted dishes, I suddenly was surprised by myself, as I had already done this, only on a lower scale~
I promptly pulled out my several different sets and did a quick mix and match with my dinner and salad plates.
I love dinnerware, and feel a bit foolish desiring more when I eye a beautiful dish~ In fact I struggle not to~
In the past few years I have enjoyed shopping at shops such as Home Goods and also, shhhh! 99 cent store and Dollar Tree. I always quickly walk down the dishware isle to see if there is anything interesting waiting there for me.
A few weeks back I spied these beautiful turquoise plates and the Fiesta style red with the yellow circular patterned plate. I had bought the yellow plates a few years back, all three of these plates were purchased at dollar tree.
Three years ago I fell in love with the China Red plate and had to have them to complement the yellow plates~
The white antique looking plate was just to die for with the aged process around the edge and the darling filigree~ each time I would see these plate, I yearned to take them home, but fought the urge for quite some time. Slowly, they were seldom seen, then one day I found six of them and scooped them up.

I had several different salad plates, adding them to my cupboard from World Market, Kohl's, and 99 cent store through the years. Placing them atop the dinner plates really made the table top 'Pop' with color and really spices up the dinner table for the summer,and makes your dinner guests feel so very special when they can choose which plate expresses their personality!

Tell me what you think? It's almost too bad we have to place a great meal on these eye pleasing platters~
bon appitite!

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