Saturday, May 05, 2012

LaLa Loopsie Comes for a Sleep Over ~

The other evening I received a telephone message from my #1 grand daughter who has just had her 5th Birthday. It went like this:
"Ummm~ I'm just telling you~ Um, Grammie, Rosie Bumps and Bruises, my LaLa Loopsie doll, she's gonna have a sleep over with you at your house tomorrow~ So I have a list for her, and I hope everything's gonna be fine~ She's never had a sleep over before, but it might be pretty fine~
Ummm~ you might be able to read the list~
She has a lot of clothes, so I packed the heart ones for her jammies and I packed the other one for the daytime~ There's some shoes there too~
Goodbye~ I love you!" Maaahhhhh! (kiss)

She sounded sooo grown up and about business, as her mom is when getting them ready for the day when she is off to work.
She had written a schedule for me to follow for Rosie. We made a bed up for her.

As you see, before bed, she had a story.
And then she and her little friend were tucked up for the night!
I really enjoy playing imagination with my grand daughter~ Actually, I really love these cute little dolls~ So I get to play too~


Jennipher said...

So precious! How fun...we may need to see that our dollies get a sleepover at Nana's house soon! Sending so much love to the Klicka's...xo! p.s. I will never forget dangling my feet off of half dome or the look on steve's face! thanks for the wonderful memories!

sonflower said...

Oh my gosh!!! So precious!!!!