Thursday, February 10, 2011

~Will You Be My Valentine?~

February is the month of love~
When one thinks of the month of February, red, pink and heart shapes come to mind.
I remember the art project of making Valentine's "mail boxes" for the handfuls of little envelopes with sweet messages from classmates and friends.~

As the years have sifted by, I still like to remember my dear friends with a little valentine of sorts to let them know how special they are in my heart. ~ I hold each friendship dear, as growing up in a Military family, we moved frequently, and close friends were few.~

This week I hosted a luncheon for friends who are in a doll club with me. I decided since we were to have lunch, that I would treat them to a special Valentine celebration. Our theme after all ,was Valentine's Day, why not do it up properly.~

This year we made a special Valentine for one of the club members, and then drew names.
I think that we enjoyed ourselves brilliantly and the weather was appropriate for a fete' on the screened porch. It was a lovely day.~

I hope that you will make your Valentine's Day a special one with friends that you hold dear to your heart.
~After all, that is what it is all about~


Vintage Tea Time said...

Thanks for calling by my blog! Love your Lavender pic header. Your house and garden look beautiful!

Vista Gal said...

Thank you, Vintage Tea Time!

bj said... nice of you to stop by. Thanks so much.
Well, it looks like in your other couple posts, you posted more than one photo at a time.
Not sure what happened on this one.:)
Are you using NEW EDITOR? If so, you can just keep adding photos when you start uploading. Just load all the photos you want to use in your post and then click ADD and they will all be there on the one page.

Everything looks so pretty here. I know all the ladies loved it.
xo bj

sonflower said...

I love you Missy you are such a blessing to many!