Thursday, October 14, 2010


In checking out my blog tonight, I see I now have 31 followers!!
This is quite exciting to me. I am constantly trying to think of ways to increase the number of people that drop by and are followers. I am also inquisitive how some of you came to find me?
I am going to ask any of you who wish to be enrolled in a giveaway to post a comment and tell me how you found this blog, tell a friend to drop by and post a comment also and they will be entered to recieve a photograph of their choice which I will post along the way.
The deadline for this giveaway is November 14.
Let the fun begin!


Modern Crush said...

Yay!! LOVE your photos!! xoxo

Modern Crush said...

Oh yeah... and I found your blog cuz... I know you :)

Vista Gal said...

Hey! Modern Crush!!:)
Check back on the photo giveaway and post on your favorite pic!