Monday, March 15, 2010


On to beautiful Carcassione.
I knew that I wanted to see the wonderful Medieval walled fortress of the old city.
Any self proclaimed "princess" dreams of her "Prince" and the beautiful Castle they live in.
I had convinced myself this was the walled city that was filmed in the movie "Ever After", but alas it is not. How enchanting to walk through the streets toward this fortress, seeing it in the distance on the hill overlooking the town where life is buzzing by.
The walk to the fortress was not that taxing.
We were staying just across from the train station at the Hotel du Soleil Terminus. It was a great place to set camp. The hotel had a wonderful turn of the century feel and the sweeping staircase and balcony overlooking the main mezzanine, and entrance gave a great panorama.
I enjoyed our room and the feel of the floor to ceiling windows that opened to the view of the streets and restaurants below. Across the street is a park and canal that runs through the town. Canal boats maneuvering the locks and traveling by.
I especially liked sitting in the open square where there is a wonderful fountain. There are many restaurants that take advantage of this beautiful spot and many opened umbrellas shade the cafe tables . People gather in the afternoon and have their cafe' and chat after shopping or gathering their children after school, letting them run in the square, playing . Little boys sailing make believe boats out of large leaves in the fountain. All is restful with a Cafe' Au lait and a cookie accompaning it. I enjoy the view as I sip my drink, which is gone too quickly!
This square becomes a marketplace for the villager's to buy their foods three times a week, and we too gather to see what is for sale. I salivate at the spices and flowers, fruits and veggies with their colorful pleasure, feeling rather conspicuous with my camera lens snapping. I am astonished by an old man telling me he does not want me to take his picture to post on the computer! He points to another seller and tells me to take his picture!
I tell the herbalist that I wish I could buy all she sells, as I ask her if I may take a picture. She quips," Then, why don't you?" and I sadly reply that I cannot bring it back to the U.S.
We have enjoyed our two day stay here and will remember how lovely it was.

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