Monday, February 22, 2010

Colliure, France

Collioure is just a few kilometers from the border of Spain.

Pretty as a picture, this lovely sea-side village yearns to have it's visitors linger at it's cafes and lounge along the beach with the glorious view of the harbor and hillsides.
Wowed by the view, we were so glad to be here. Friends had urged us to visit here and we were glad that we did.

The church and it's bell tower stand as a sentinel at the entrance to the small harbor, that welcomes small fishing boats.
On warm and sunny days the restaurants at the harbor's edge draw diners and those relaxing to sit and gaze out at visitors sunning themselves along the shore, and watch children wade into the azure blue Mediterranean. The yellow umbrellas are a lovely complement to the blue of the sea!
A storm blows in and quickly the people retreat from the pounding rain as it pelts the cobbled stones that pave the streets,and instantly we are alone, cameras in hand and the village to ourselves.
Strategically placed around the village are blank open metal frames, where famous artists once placed their easels and painted beautiful memories of this untouched gem of the Mediterranean.
What a lovely little place to explore!


erika said...

Gorgeous. I want to escape to Colliure!

Anonymous said...

These pictures you have posted about Collier France are absolutely stunning! Did you take them yourself? Thank you so very much for visiting my blog! Your blog is beautiful...Marcia