Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sweetest Gift of 2008

Years ago I became an "adopted Grandparent " to three very special children. At the time the oldest was 2 and the two others were newborn twins.

As the years past they grew and became old enough for me to share some of my favorite literature with them.

One of my favorites has been Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad.
Several Christmases ago I purchased a copy of this book and decided to make a frog and toad to go along with the book out of fabric.

This year I received this Christmas card from Lauren who is about 11.

Dear Mrs. Missy,
Frog and Toad sat in our room for a long time. Once Austin came into our room and took them.
He started sleeping with them every night, and he loved them.
All of us loved them.
We appreciate them and I think Ethan and Tegan would also love them.
Love, Lauren, Alison and Austin.

What a sweet gift back to me, so that my grand kids will love Frog and Toad too!

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Erika said...

It was very sweet. They are sweet kids and Frog and Toad are great!!