Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother"s Day

Today is Mother's Day.
The day to honor Mother.
My children honored me, and I felt honored.
I was honored at church today from a dear woman who wrote a poem inspired by the Lord about my past. It lead me to stand up and give a part of my testimony.

I became a mother 40 years ago when I gave birth to my first son and gave him to another couple who desperately wanted to have children , but couldn't.
For nearly 25 years I carried the pain of being a mother and wondering about my son.
15 years ago, he found me and we celebrated.
My children are the dearest gift God has given save for my two grandchildren.

Last week E. ,my grandson invited both his Nana and me to come celebrate with his family by having a "Tea Party" for us, it was so sweet. He especially liked to stick his finger into the bottom of the empty cup to get the last part of the dissolved sugar.
I have a picture, but I can't figure out how to put it up on the blog... perhaps later when my son gets here.

My youngest son is here to celebrate and what a nice surprise it was to find him here.
I have spoken to the two other sons today and even though they are not here as I wish they were, I feel the love that they are sending.

I spoke to a neighbor today as she was preparing to go to the in-laws for their celebration, she is longing for quiet, but with young ones you do not get quiet....
It is only after the fledglings are out of the nest that quiet comes.... perhaps it is a little too quiet...

Did I mention that I wore a tiara this afternoon? I am making the most of my day!
We have invited my daughter and her husband and the two grandchildren over for dinner along with my youngest son.
Yes, today is a day to celebrate! Anyway you can . Happy Mother's Day!!!


Pamela said...

Happy Mother's Day! I wish that I could be there to celebrate you!!!

Vista Gal said...

I miss my daughter in Tenn.
I wish that we were together to celebrate too!
Hope that you had a nice day!