Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Faster I Peddel the Behinder I Get

Well, here I am trying to get my life into some kind of order after a nice break away and I find myself buried under a pile of have to get dones and have to dos.

The fires a few weeks ago set me back as there is still a lot of clean up to accomplish.
Yesterday a friend helped me clean the screened in porch. It was covered with a thick blanket of ash and who knows what that had traveled through the air and deposited itself at Beverly Cottage.
Twenty years from now, we will probably come down with something for breathing in this crud.

It was so delightful to walk out to the porch and sit on the love seat and enjoy this bit of serenity after we had worked so hard!

The "Room of Creativity," is in quite a state and I shudder to open the door, yet I know that I must venture there and resume my work.

There never seems to be enough time.

I have been sorting through my digital pics of this recent trip, and thought that I would try something new with them by putting them into a book form.
The company was running a special and I wanted to compile a few pics for a friend. It took me several hours yesterday to figure how it is done, and then after several mishaps I finally was able to send the pics off to the company, but they kept re-loading!!! I finally closed the page and walked away.
This morning Itried once again, and after an hour of choosing pics and sending them. I was willing to wait and see, because I really thought this would be a great thank you to my friend. This time, can you believe it, the power went out and I lost the pics again!!!! The deadline is tomorrow, I don't have time to sit at the computer all day. Oh, well.


wha...? said...

I LOVE the "room of creativity!" Now that I have one, I'm getting a lot of creative work done. Ahhhh, the chase after time. We chase and chase, but never seem to be able to catch up. What can you do but say "oh well." Also, I think you are pretty cool for typing "pic" insteat of "picture." So, you've got that going for you.

Vista Gal said...

Thanks Andrew,I'm glad you think that I'm cool!