Saturday, June 30, 2007

What an Awesome Gift God has Given Grandparents

This week I have resumed watching my darling grandchildren while their mother has returned to work.
I think that the transition went well. Tuesday, Tegan spent the day with us and we enjoyed her company.I got to play and feed her and spend quality time getting to know her and her schedule
and interact with her trying to get her to react to what I was saying to her,watching her try to roll over, which she actually did for her mommie the next day!

Yesterday Ethan came for a visit and enjoyed the activities around the yard, interacted with the neighbor kids and even took a nap on the futon instead of the pack and play which he has now outgrown, but the great thing is that he STAYED on the futon and did not get up!
I used the baby monitor to listen in while he was settling in and had to laugh as he played "Here comes the creepy mouse "and tickled one of his stuffed friends. He even recited " Motor Boat, motor boat, go so slow...." How fun to listen in on a his conversation with his best friends, Panda,
Dragon Franz and Piggy.
He was a happy boy to be back for a visit for the day, and we loved having him!


Pamela said...

I love, love, love this picture!

Vista Gal said...

It seems that my arms are "full of love", but I can't wait to be holding more,maybe a few of yours!