Monday, May 07, 2007


Today, I stole away to another romantic travel spot~ England.

Ever since I saw the preview of the upcoming movie about the life and writings of Miss Beatrix Potter, I have waited with eager anticipation the release of this charmer.
It stars Renee Zellwiger and Ewan McGregor.
It did not receive great reviews, and the critics referred it to the Bridgette Jones Diary movies of Miss Zellwiger, which I feel is quite unfair!

My heart beat with excitement as I viewed the interaction of the characters including her creation of the sweet animals,that took life in her dear little books, and the beautiful countryside of the Lake District.

I am ready to be taken away to the open aired rooms of beauty, with the cool air blowing my hair, snuggled with a shawl wrapped tightly around me, the lake glistening as it captures the sun's rays beating down upon this Eden.

Wanderlust has captured me, and with each beat of my heart the longing becomes stronger~

Those dear little books I still desire to hold in my now grown up hand, the stories are so endearing, they call to be read over and over.

At one point in the movie Beatrix reaches into her paint brush collection to select the right brush. The sound of the wooden handles clicking together and the opening of the paint box showing the smear of the paint dried on the edge of the color tray; the swish of the paint swirled in the clear water revealing a blue tinge to the water as she cleans the brush, I find utterly romantic ~I ask my artist friend if this too moves her and it does.

I am now going to venture back into these dear tales and enjoy the splendid drawings and delightful personalities these characters reveal, now knowing the background life of this wonderful woman.
I"ve always wanted to meet a hedgehog~

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